DarkHorse Industries offers the most innovative and efficient solution for cutting deep foundation piles to grade, and a full suite of specialty concrete cutting solutions. Our mission is to provide safe, reliable pile and concrete sawing/drilling/crushing services, with consistent, cost-effective, on-time performance.
We strive to meet timelines and exceed expectations, delivering value to customers across North America.
We operate both from our headquarters in Louisiana, and our sales and operations office in Houston, Texas.
Our service is based on customized excavator attachments with innovative, patented designs and superior reach and accessibility features.
Our pricing is competitive for all jobs, big and small.
Available services include:
  • Concrete pile cutting: 12-24" (square and round)
  • Concrete pile cap crushing / strand exposure
  • Steel pile cutting
  • Pile ends/debris crushing and/or disposal
  • Core drilling
  • Flat sawing
  • Wire sawing
  • Flush cutting
  • Specialty demolition
Licensed Louisiana commercial contractor (#61330
  • Building Construction
  • Concrete Rehabilitation & Enhancement
  • Concrete Bridges, Overpasses and Underpasses
Call us today (225-364-9515) to learn more, request an estimate, or schedule a demonstration of our services.

Raising the Bar in Pile Cutting

  • ​1.5x Proven Daily Production Rate vs. the Competition

  • Small operating (dig-out) footprint vs. traditional methods

  • Single-pass cut, with pile securely held throughout

  • 5,000+ lb safe, secure integrated lifting capacity

  • 4" minimum ground clearance

2nd Gen. DHI Pile Saw  (14" standard concrete pile)

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