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Services: Pile Cutting
DarkHorse offers the safest, most innovative
and most efficient known solution for cutting deep foundation piles to grade.
When piles are driven to refusal before they reach engineered depth, or otherwise need to be severed for any reason, DHI's equipment and expertise are able to keep the project on track.
DHI's pile cutting services are delivered via customized excavator attachments with exclusive patented designs and superior reach and accessibility features. DHI's equipment seamlessly cuts concrete, steel, and wood piles.
DHI also offers pile shearing and wire sawing for underwater pile cutting or removal of caissons, and pile crushing to expose rebar as needed.

Raising the Bar in Pile Cutting

  • ​1.5x Proven Daily Production Rate vs. the Competition

  • Small operating (dig-out) footprint vs. traditional methods

  • Single-pass cut, with pile securely held throughout

  • 5,000+ lb safe, secure integrated lifting capacity

  • 4" minimum ground clearance

  • Pile end haul-off and disposal available upon request

2nd Gen. DHI Pile Saw  (14" standard concrete pile)
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