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Safety and Risk Management


DarkHorse Industries is committed to safety as its first and foremost objective.

We prioritize a safe working environment and experience for everyone in the sites in which we operate.

Our equipment design enables the single machine operator to work from the safety of the cab.

DHI maintains active certifications in IsNetWorld, Avetta, DISA, and other EHS assurance programs.


DHI believes that safety is more than just the absence of injuries or losses. Safety is the ongoing applied philosophy that human life and health come before all other concerns, and must be safeguarded above all else. Furthermore, safety involves maintaining facilities, equipment and other property in a way to proactively eliminate unnecessary risk, mitigate unavoidable risk, identify systemic weaknesses, and ensure reliability and consistency of operations. These actions have the indirect benefit of lowering long-term costs, but are most valuable for the safety of people involved.

Life is always uncertain and all endeavors (particularly in certain fields) involve risk, but an ongoing commitment to safety improves the effectiveness, efficiency and outcomes of operations for everyone. Safety is not optional.


The following safety principles guide and govern all operations for DarkHorse Industries:


  • If a task cannot be completed safely, it will not be started.

  • Safety improves – not hurts – results. Take the time to do it right.

  • Employees and prominent signage shall ensure that site access is limited to authorized parties.

  • All employees must wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on job sites.

  • All employees must comply with site safety rules set by the site owner and/or contractor.

  • Any employee can call for an immediate halt of work at a site perceived as unsafe.

  • Any worksite safety incident, big or small, must be reported and resolved immediately.

  • Certain workplace behaviors create unnecessary additional risk and will not be tolerated:

    • Operation of equipment outside of approved design parameters.

    • Consumption, possession or influence of alcohol and/or narcotics.

    • Reckless or careless movements, horseplay, physical altercations and brawling.

    • Distractions resulting in impaired ability during critical activities, such as:

    • Texting or other nonessential phone or other electronic device functions.

    • Engaging in idle, nonessential communication in person or remotely.

    • Playing games, listening to disruptive music or engaging in social networks.

    • Abusive personal behaviors, including but not limited to aggression/harassment.

    • Introducing unauthorized persons, objects or material into a secure location.


We maintain general liability and other insurance that can be adapted to meet job-specific requirements.

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