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DarkHorse Industries prioritizes reliability in every aspect of operations.

We are dedicated to provide consistent performance. On time, every time.

Our equipment design and operating practices reflect this commitment.


Robust Design

Our equipment is designed to perform on the most demanding jobsites.

The pile cutting attachment securely grasps and severs piles to specified heights, then safely lowers ends to ground (disposal option available).

Design tolerances intentionally exceed operating parameters, to provide an additional margin of safety for personnel and equipment longevity.

The excavator arm and the attachment's combined rotate/tilt functions give operating flexibility to access piles from atypical heights and angles.


Preventive Maintenance

Equipment is only as reliable as its ongoing preventive maintenance.

To maximize the consistent, predictable operation of our equipment and the reliability of services for which it is used, DarkHorse Industries invests in a rigorous scheduled preventive maintenance program. This includes:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly checks of all system components, with the in-depth frequency depending on the following parameters:

    • Manufacturer-estimated and DHI-experienced useful service lives

    • Likelihood of component degradation/failure

    • Operational impact of component degradation/failure

  • On-shelf and on-truck stocking of mission-critical parts and accessories

  • Scheduled overhauls and preemptive (pre-failure) replacement of parts

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